About us

Acrasio is a Change Management consulting firm, and we love what we do. As a global team of change management experts our mission is to inspire you, our customer, through expertise, insight and most of all energy in order to help you unlock, implement and sustain the very best change management practices for your business success.

Our goal is to create excellent work by thoroughly understanding your business in order to provide you and your team with the best available approach. Our experienced team will bring you success by giving you competent international individuals whom have specialized in your area of need.

An experienced and international Change Management Network


Dr. Karin Stumpf
Partner, International Change Management, Leadership Development and Business Games


Johannes Deltl
Partner, specialized on Strategy and Marketing


Elod Csernik
Art Director


Anke Gillner
HR Management, Leadership Coaching and Change Management


Therese Malm
Organizational Development, Change Management and Team Alignment


Markus Zinsberger
Change Management, Communication and Human Resources Management

Ursula Buchmeiser

Ursula Buchmeiser
Human Capital Management, Leadership Development,
Change Management


Rainer Heuck
Change Management, Coaching and Project Management


Christiane Ackerhans
Change Management, Leadership Development , Business Coaching


Gernot Kleinlein
Change Management, Training

joerg beige klein_sw

Joerg Beige
E-Learning, Training. Documentation


Thomas Rexroth

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