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Die Reise des Herrn Schmidt

Die Reise des Herrn Schmidt
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Leading Business Change

Leading Business Change
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Business Football Book

Business Football 
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The Art of Intelligence

The Art of Intelligence
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Book on Competitive and Market Intelligence - Second edition

Strategische Wettbewerbsbeobachtung

Book on Competitive and Market Intelligence 


Business Games

Spielerisch Veränderungen im
Unternehmen anstoßen (german)

What Business can learn from Football

What Business can learn from Football


Standardisation across cultures

Komplexes Führen

Führen über Unternehmens- und
Ländergrenzen hinweg (german)

No Pain No Change

No Pain no Change

No Pain No Change

Measuring for success - How efficient are our Change Programs


Infografik Führung

Infographic Leadership


Infographic Gamification

Infographik Business & Fußball

Infographic Business & Football


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Interview Karin Stumpf

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Five Steps to Virtual Participation

After a rather big all-employees meeting where everyone had the opportunity to actively participate in the company’s strategy, I was asked how the same energy could be generated in a virtual environment. As the race for workplace virtualization continues, I believe this is one of the biggest challenges that companies face in today’s global business environment. Many companies have the different information technology tools .......
However, I do not think that tools alone will harness participation of employees located all over the world, let alone keep them emotionally connected to their company. Even though the way we work is becoming more virtual, we are still lagging behind with regard to increasing collaboration.
So how can you ensure active participation of your employees in the virtual world?

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Organisation & Leadership
What Business can learn from Football

Wie funktioniert Change Management?

Wie funktioniert Change Mangaement