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Change Management Audit and Analysis

Change Management Audit

Together with you, we identify and review potential improvement points for your change management efforts. Depending on the exact scope and size of the organization, we will spend between half a day to a week interviewing key stakeholders. You will get a summary of the key findings with recommendations to improve your change management endeavor, as well as an extensive report detailing the next steps to reenergize your change activities. The costs of the change management audit vary based on the size of the company.

Culture Gap

culture gap analysis

The tool that we use in Culture Gap analysis helps identify the actual cultural identity of your organization. It can also be used to clarify behavioral change and define the gap to the actual status. This is the basis for the planning of the cultural development. The tool can be used for small teams or large global organizations.

Employee Engagement Survey

To measure the success of your change initiative or to identify the specific change needs, we recommend running online questionnaires as well as leadership interviews. We will help you draft the questions to the specific issues your organization is facing. Our experience has shown that interviews are best conducted by people external to the organization to ensure honest and unbiased answers. We also use technical tools to collect questions from larger groups and to regularly track development of some indicators. The figures will be supplemented by recommendation as well as actions to ensure a successful delivery of the original intentions.