Strategy Workshop

Are you ready to take your growth strategies to the next level?
Then you've come to the right place! Our strategy workshops offer you the opportunity to work on your goals with experienced consultants and, depending on the task at hand, develop a strategy for successful market entry, business growth, eg.


Our workshops give you the opportunity to benefit not only from our extensive industry knowledge and experience, but also from the experience and perspectives of your colleagues. The Strategy Workshop allows you to step back from the day-to-day operations of your business and analyse your business together. By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear idea of how to successfully enter new markets and achieve your growth objectives.

Hot topics for your strategy workshop

  • What is the core and foundation of our business?
  • What does digital mean to us? Are we prepared for it?
  • How will our market evolve in the coming years?
  • Are we aware of what our competitors are doing?
  • How do our customers view us? Are we seen as innovative and modern?

Are you missing topics or would you like others? Of course, the strategy workshop is individually adapted to your requirements!


Depending on your industry, the workshop will be conducted by an ACRASIO GmbH employee or a network partner. You will receive more information about the procedure and the workshop leader before you order the workshop.

Strategy Workshop Process


Step 1 - Strategy Workshop Preparation

We work with you to define the objectives of the workshop. You inform us about the current challenges and the competitive situation. Together we set the agenda for the strategy workshop.


Step 2 - Executing the strategy workshop

A strategy workshop usually lasts one or two days. We moderate the day and take on the role of the external expert. The moderation can be in English or German. With sufficient lead time, we are very mobile - we can conduct strategy workshops in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or other locations.


Step 3 - Results of the Strategy Workshop

The results of the workshop are summarized in a structured way and documented with photos. We conclude the strategy workshop with a review meeting.


Managers (division managers, department heads, staff positions) from various areas. 

Duration of the Workshop

Depending on the customer's needs, 1-2 days on site are estimated. In addition, there is the company-specific preparation and follow-up phase. 

Tools used


The investment is measured by the duration of the implementation and the intensity of the preparation and follow-up. The cost for a complete workshop starts at € 5.000,- (excl.)

Strategic market positioning

The customer - a large german industrial company - wanted the strategy department staff to have an overview of the current competition and future threats. With the help of the Market Map developed by ACRASIO, the market environment could be visualized in different dimensions. Which company is more innovative? Which company is a pioneer in digitalization? How will the positioning change in the future? Strategic thrusts were derived from the subsequent discussion.

Special Format Business Wargaming

How do you position yourself against the competition?
We use effective methods such as strategic business games and business wargaming to help you test strategic issues in a safe environment and master the challenges of the market.
In a facilitated process, business wargaming allows you to experience the market position from different perspectives. As a customer, as a competitor or as an employee of your own company. For the visualization we use tools developed by ACRASIO such as Competitor Cards or the business game COMPETE.

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