Manage change projects

Playmakers is a simulation that challenges participants to deal with critical aspects of team and project management. A task that goes beyond planning and budgeting.

The participants have to focus on the leadership and not on the management of a project and it invites them to reflect: How will my decisions as a leader affect team morale, performance and stakeholder engagement throughout the game? The nature of the game allows participants to tackle difficult leadership tasks in a safe environment and learn from each other.

Manage settings and agendas
Playmakers trains the participants in leading people in projects. This involves team members, the steering committee and other stakeholders. The simulation focuses on motivation and conflict management as well as communication and negotiation.

Dealing with the unplanned
Playmakers is based on a fictional case. During the three phases of the simulation, participants are challenged to lead a concrete project whose character changes as progress is made. Unforeseen difficulties arise, and goals and visions are reformulated: how does the project manager deal with them?

Theoretical foundation
The Playmakers game is based on different leadership and project models and theories (among others by Daniel Goleman, J.R. Katzenbach and Bruce W. Tuckman).

Focus Topic

Playmakers trains the participants in leading change projects. This includes the involvement of team members, as well as managing the steering committee and other stakeholders who might influence the team or the task at hand.


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All rights reserved by workz. Acrasio is certified on the PlayMakers™ methodology. Playmakers™ is a tool developed by workz.

Target Group

Project Manager, PMO, Change Manager


4 hours - 1 day




Played in groups of 3-6, up to 5 groups




from € 3.000 (exkl. VAT and travel costs)

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