Change Management Workshop

Our change management workshops are often used to get the existing team on board with the change. Despite the digital possibilities of online meetings, it makes sense to meet in person from time to time. Such on-site workshop situations are ideal for working on upcoming issues and clarifying the direction of the project. ACRASIO supports companies as an external workshop moderator.

What can be the goals of your change workshop?

The goal of a change workshop is to get all participants to agree on a common direction, to discuss open and controversial topics and to lead the team to greater cohesion. In day-to-day project work, various challenges can arise, such as missed deadlines, teams working against each other, unclear objectives, changes in project focus, and legacy issues from previous failed projects.

  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Discuss issues openly - even controversially
  • Weld the team together

Your daily project challenges

  • Delayed deadlines
  • Teams working against each other
  • Unclear goals
  • Changed project focus
  • Legacy issues from failed projects

Why use an external facilitator for your change workshop?

The external facilitator is neutral and brings an outside perspective. In addition, he/she has no departmental interests. Issues can be addressed clearly and without bias.

An external facilitator can help with this by being neutral and bringing an outside perspective to the issue. In addition, they do not have departmental interests and can address issues clearly and without bias.

Change Management Workshop Agenda

This is a sample agenda. In practice, this is agreed individually with the client.

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Presentation of workshop objectives and agenda
  • Analysis of the current situation and challenges in the project
  • Identify areas for action and improvement
  • Discuss controversial issues and resolve open questions
  • Develop a common understanding and vision
  • Define concrete implementation steps and timelines
  • Conclusion and outlook

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