Johannes Deltl

Johannes Deltl

Johannes Deltl supports companies in the areas of Change Management and Intelligence. Johannes is a recognised expert in Strategy and Competitive Intelligence. For over 20 years he supports and advises executives - not only theoretically and conceptually but also in real-life execution. Johannes focuses on change communication to improve the change awareness in organizations.

He is Austrian and fluent in German and English.


Professional Background of Johannes Deltl

  • Since 2013 managing director of the consulting firm ACRASIO
  • Previously at KPMG Consulting, Superfund, FCBi, Investkredit
  • Author of several books including The Art of Intelliigence

Education of Johanness Deltl

  • Graduated from the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna, Austria. (Master-Level)
  • University lecturer on Strategic Management and International Marketing


Strategische Wettbewerbsbeobachtung: So sind Sie Ihren Konkurrenten laufend voraus.


Strategische Wettbewerbsbeobachtung: Second revised and extended version.


The Art of Intelligence - Why companies need Intelligenceto stay ahead in the market.