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Change has become the new constant. Get the tools to learn how to transform teams and organizations

In todays world change is everywhere: new technologies are being introduced, globalization is increasing, and our cultural values are evolving.

And despite this, we are still struggling to transform our organizations: internal alignment is weak, resistance is everywhere, and we fail to convey the required urgency or the vision. A high number of change initiatives fail: projects are being delayed, planed changed are being canceled and reduced to a bare minimum, that don’t justify the costs.

Good Change Management is therefore key. Change Management is about increasing the transformation energy, reducing the performance dip, and focusing on the expected benefits. Change Management is about addressing the human and emotional issues that every modification brings.

But how to approach these problems? The internet is full of models and theories on how to tackle change. This online course is different: we provide you with tools, with a structure to understand the different steps that are required to transition teams and organizations.

This course is hands down, and helps you become an architect of change. And don’t forget as Zig Ziglar said: You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Practical Introduction to Change Management

This online course is an online course introducing to practical tools required for effective Change Management. Our aim is to make you a knowledgeable change manager. You are being provided with tools and a structure to successfully deploy transformation using your own actual challenges or based on a provided business case.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

In this course you are being guided through the different phases of a transformation. For each phase you are being provided with an overview of the specific challenges as well as the required tools to effectively implement change.

Hands on

You are being provided with tools to make your learning experience concrete and useful for your own projects.


We encourage you to use your own, actual change initiative for you to be able to immediately implement the learning. Alternatively, a constructed business case is being provided.


The approach presented in the course is based on our 20+ years of experience. All tools and approaches have successfully been implemented with our global clients.


As this is an online course you can fit your learning in your personal schedule. You can choose whether you watch all videos and do all exercises in one go, or split the lections throughout your week (or month).

Ability to disconnect

Through the strong focus on exercises you don’t need to be online all the time. This gives you flexibility to work wherever best fits you.


You want to embed the course in your Learning Management System (LMS)? No problem. Contact us, so that we can import the videos and documents into your network.

Here’s what people are saying about our courses

Please read what previous attendees have said about our courses.



Karin brings her practical experience in consulting together with foundations in theory to life.


IT Project Manager

Acrasio ensures skills development and provides clear methods to implement and transfer the learning directly into my daily work.



A very intense course with lots of exercises. The theory part was also helpful.

A Course Structure Based on Real-Life Deployment

See what´s inside the 6 modules


Module 1: Introduction

In this module you are first being introduced to the structure of the course as well as to the provided medias. In the next lesson you learn why Change Management is important and what the objectives of Change Management are.


Module 2: Mobilize

At the beginning of a transformation it is important to understand who the key stakeholders are. In the first lesson you get an overview of different analytical tools for good Stakeholder Management. The second lesson is about showing you why a clear and common vision is key and how to get a good Case for Change. Finally, you will learn how to analyze the impact of the change on your organization.


Module 3: Crusade

This module is about preparing the deployment of the change in a team or an organization. First you will get introduced to what to do to transition the organization. In the second lection we focus on understanding how to approach resistance and motivation. We close the course with introducing the concept of organization risk assessment and mitigation.


Module 4: Populate

For the successful deployment of change you will need a good plan. The first lesson focuses on communication: how can you communicate with your key stakeholders. This is being followed by planning your training delivery. In the final lesson we address the topic of Change Readiness, to ensure we measure the ability and willingness to change.


Module 5: Change Leader

Change starts at the top. Good leadership is key in a transformation. After introducing you to the concept of Change Leadership you have access to a short quiz to help you identify your strength and weaknesses.


Module 6: Summary

The course finishes with a summary of the learning. An overview of the approach and accumulated knowledge is being given. Self-reflection is again key to ensure that the tools presented will be put into practice.


OPTIONAL Module 7: Mentoring

You want to review some of the exercises, discuss transformational challenges or get further input on change management? Book our add-on mentoring session to discuss specific topics. If you book all modules at the same time you get a 25% discount on the mentoring hour!


Now it’s time to introduce you to ACRASIO Change!

You may wonder why we want to introduce ourselves. We think that being a change management consultancy with hands-on experience is a key differentiator compared to other training institutions. We walk the talk and talk the walk. So in our classes there is no room for theoretical monologues. Instead we show deep expertise on an practical and theorerical level.

Argument 1
Specialized on Change Management

For over 20 years our consultants and trainer have been supporting organizations in implementing change. 

Our projects include: Cultural Transformation, Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Lean Management, IT-System Implementation, etc.

Argument 2
Global & Local Experience

We might be based out of Berlin, but we have consulted organizations in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Our clients are large multinationals as well as medium-sized companies.

Argument 3
Training Background

We bring a broad experience in teaching others: in our projects we deliver training programms and we teach leaders and managers.

We bring didactical skills paired with practical experience.


About The Course Teacher,
Dr. Karin Stumpf

Dr. Karin Stumpf, managing director of ACRASIO Change, consults for multinational companies around the world and implemented strategic change for companies such as Deutsche Bank, Bombardier Transformation, Universal, Commerzbank, Kühne + Nagel and DIN (Deutsches Normungsinstitut).
Formerly a consultant with McKinsey as well as Deloitte, she has worked with clients in more than twenty countries. Dr. Karin Stumpf regularly lectures in English, German and French in venues such as the Swiss Institute of Technology and the ESCP Europe, among others. She holds an MSc, an MBA, a PhD, a Master in Organizational Psychology as well as a Mastership in Didactics and Pedagogic.



With this course you gain practical experience and discover new hands-on tools on how to implement change.
Learn at your own pace and immediately put into practice the learnings. All recommendations and exercises are based on more than 20-years of Change Management consultancy work.
Study from the safety of your own office and define your individual pace and the intensity of your learning experience!

Normally Change management trainings cost 1.000 USD and more. And very often the lessons are being delivered by academics who have little practical experience.

And take advantage of getting feedback and enroll to our mentoring session: a great opportunity to get a one-on-one discussion on your specific challenges.

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Understand how to approach
organizational transformation and
Change Management



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Become a strong Change Manager and receive feedback on your first Change Management steps



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Extensive e-Book
  • 1 Hour Private Coaching Call
  • ACRASIO Certificate 

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Our exclusive Satisfaction Guarantee makes it easy, convenient and safe for you to shop with us. The purpose of the guarantee is to make sure that you are happy with services you receive from us. We offer a 30-day refund policy. We are ready to reimburse you the full amount paid to if the course does not meet your requirements, no questions asked. You can keep the e-book, but you will lose access to the videos. This offer does not cover delivered mentoring hours.

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regular course

Understand how to approach
organizational transformation and Change Management



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Extensive e-Book

Become a strong Change Manager and receive feedback on your first Change Management steps



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Extensive e-Book
  • 1 Hour Private Coaching Call
  • ACRASIO Certificate