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Changing the game
The art of negotiation is not an easy achievement. Within our daily work we are often met with resistance, differing priorities and a lack of buy in. Game-Changers was specifically designed with executives and experienced managers in mind. The game takes players through a series of tasks that will bring them up against with different responsibilities fully or peripherally im-pacted by the changes. The best part is that GameChangers participants will not only learn, but also reflect upon strategic execution and stakeholder management.

How you fit into GameChangers
As a participant, you will be given the challenge of implementing two strate-gic initiatives in a fictional company. You will see GameChangers is the perfect platform to visualize exactly what goes on at every level of your company when you try to implement change. E.g. it is easy to focus on key stakeholders and their appeasement, but difficult to remember that col-leagues and your employees matter just as much. As a divisional head, you will navigate the complex stakeholder landscape in order to deliver innovative products as well as an optimized production solution. There are no sec-ond chances and while there is time to assess the situation, time is moving and decisions must be made.

Remarkably for everyone
Are you an experienced executive who has overseen the implementation of changes within your company? GameChangers will still be resource-ful to you. Early on in the game, as a player, you will be able to extend your circle of influence. But just like in the real world, you won’t know if they’ll be on board until after you’ve interacted with them. Here you will learn the im-portance of relationship building and networking. A “move board” will be used to show the level of buy-in and support you have achieved through strategic negotiation.

Why you will learn
The game is based on change management, conflict management and models for negotiation theories (these are theories by Richard Shell, Thomas-Kilmann, John Kotter and Stephen Bungay). This means you won’t be re-viewing the theories at work in a presentation format, but live in front of you.

Focus Topic

negotiation, priorities, relationships
Functional heads have to help their team through the different phases of the merger integration. Attendees learn and reflect upon organisational change and individual resistance. A “Move Board” is being used to show the level of buy-in and support achieved through strategic negotiation


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Target Group

Executives, experienced Manager


1-2 days


English, German


group size 4-8 people per group, number of group depends on number of facilitators




from € 3.500 (exkl. VAT and travel costs)

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