Tackling Change Priority

Always on the run
When it comes to winning a football match, much of the success depends on how well the team can communicate and work together. With this principle in mind, we have developed Business Football with a similar analogy to emphasize the importance of individuals who proactively work for the success of the team. In business football, individuals are guided through a series of actions and activities that bring them either closer to or further away from the goal.

How will you score?
Just like in the real world, the participants will compete against a fictional manhood in a team together with their employees. Teams will be confronted with different scenarios or actions, which they have to go through together in order to score successfully as a team. At the beginning of the game, each player receives a card with stickers filled with core information and the most important question of the game: How can I contribute to the team's success?

A special experience
After playing Business Football, players have a better understanding of their responsibility for change and how their actions can impact the business environment. In addition, each participant can reflect on their individual resistance and its impact on their work environment. 

The end result?
Employees are more sensitive and proactive to the evolution of the business and realize that they need to be involved to score. In Business Football we have embedded several change management and resistance theories. These come from experts such as Rick Maurer, Ferdinand Fournies, Bernd Schmid and Arnold Messmer.

Focus Topic

Attendees learn and reflect upon organisational change and increasing their circle of influence. Throughout their journey they encounter problems that they can actively address. Managers can see their circle of influence growing throughout the game.

Planspiel-MOVE-Aktionskarte_developed by ACRASIO

Action Card for MOVE!

Target Group



2-3 hours


English, German


group size 4-8 people per group, number of group depends on number of facilitators




from € 2.500 (exkl. VAT and travel costs)

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