Like every year we want to give something back and support social projects.
And we want our customers and partners to choose who gets the support this year.

1. Sao Bien - Vietnam http://www.sao-bien.org

The aim of the organisation is to promote education in Vietnam, above all by building primary schools in particularly remote villages inhabited almost exclusively by ethnic minorities.

Sao Bien thus gives the children access to school, which they would be denied without external help. The local population is involved in the design and construction of the school. This means that each school project can be adapted precisely to the needs of this village, and the population identifies with the project.

2. Homeless Help Berlin - Germany

Every year more and more people live on the streets of Berlin. Far too seldom someone takes care of them, talks to them or cooks for them. The Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe e.V. is a non-profit association that would like to make a contribution to social cooperation. They undertake several tours a week to make life a little easier for homeless and needy people.

On the tours different places in Berlin are visited and people are provided with warm meals, coffee, tea, fruit, sandwiches, clothes, sleeping bags and sleeping mats.

3. UKUMBI - Entrepreneurs for Africa - Uganda

UKUMBI for the Entrepreneur is a brainchild of two African women passionate about transforming communities through socio-economic empowerment. The frustration of the lack of sustainable impact compelled the founders to develop a program that works across all sectors in business and tailored to suit entrepreneurs at all stages in their maturity.

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