Business Game Wallbreakers

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WallBreakers Overview

Focus: Managers learn how to deal with different personalities in their team. It is about actively dealing with resistance into understanding and acceptance. The game visualizes how employees are “leaving” the “bus” and resist the planned changes.

Audience: Managers, Teamleads

Duration: 4 hours -  1 day

Customization: No

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Wallbreakers™ is a tool used to train implementation of organizational change. It is about transforming resistance to change into understanding and acceptance


Most large change processes involve frustration, resistance, and reduced productivity. This is a natural part of all change processes. Whether a change process is off to a successful start, implementation, and anchoring depends on how well managers deal with the human dimension of the change processes.


Wallbreakers is a captivating simulation of a change processes, which offers managers a safe forum in which they can try out difficult leadership skills. Wallbreakers focuses on how to motivate employees to take part in the desired change, and how different phases of change processes require different forms of leadership.THE TOOLWallbreakers uses game dynamics and is build around a specific business case. Participants work in groups of three to six. Each group has to navigate a team of fictitious employees through a change process in three phases. The groups work on change intensity, prioritizing of resources, and handling various personality types and individual needs among employees.


Wallbreakers is based on a series of recognized theories on personality types, management, organizational culture, and change processes, including MBTI/JTI, Edgar Schein, John Kotter, Rick Maurer, and Daniel Goleman.REFERENCESSeveral thousand managers have already played Wallbreakers. Arla Foods, CSC, SimCorp, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Copenhagen Business School and Danfoss have used Wallbreakers when working with change management.

Acrasio is certified on the Wallbreakers™ methodology. Wallbreakers™ is a tool developed by www.workz.dk