The primary obstacle encountered by DIN, a prominent service industry, was the merging of departments. This structural change brought to light the stark contrast in mindsets among its workforce—split between the Keepers, who cling to traditional methods and practices, and the Futurists, who are inclined towards embracing new technologies and innovative approaches.

Company Profile

Company: DIN
Industry: Services
Employees: 2.000+
Headquarter: Germany


ACRASIO stepped in to address this challenge, recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach to foster unity and collaboration. By actively involving employees in the change process, organizing team events, and facilitating cross-team activities, ACRASIO aimed to bridge the gap between the Keepers and the Futurists, thus paving the way for a more harmonious integration of departments.


  • The efforts bore fruit as a common vision for the newly merged entities was successfully established. There was a marked improvement in cross-team collaboration and transparency, indicating a significant shift toward a more inclusive and cohesive organizational culture. Through these initiatives, DIN was able to not only effectively merge departments, but also cultivate a more adaptable and cohesive workforce, ready to face the challenges of the future together.

Dr. Michael Stephan

Member of the Executive Board

ACRASIO consulted us over the period of two years and during the merger of two divisions and during their strategic reorientation. Special emphasis was placed on growing together as a team; we also focused on introducing more modern and agile working methods. Together we regularly agreed on strategy and milestones. ACRASIO actively guided us through the project through their facilitation and individual coaching. We experienced the consulting team as demanding sparring partners who continuously reminded us of our transformation goals and values.
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