Relocation of the Production Site 


Relocation presents companies with logistical, cultural and operational challenges. We helped our client achieve a seamless move and implement a standardized new service model. The goal of the project was to execute an international relocation while introducing a new, more efficient service model.

The challenges included the international move, the transition to a standardized solution and the application of a new, untested approach.

Company Profile

Company: confidential
Industry: confidential
Employees: 10,000
Headquarter: United States 


A comprehensive communication strategy with all stakeholders, a complex training plan and targeted WIIFM  (What's In It For Me) messages ensured the motivation and commitment of key employees


  • The implementation of the new service model resulted in increased customer satisfaction and higher employee satisfaction, completing the relocation success story.


You might be wondering if a transformation makes sense for you as well. Start by examining the time-consuming, repetitive tasks that constantly emerge in your operations and how often you find yourself questioning which of the new digital age trends and fashions can be applied to your industry.

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