Analysis of the Potential for the Acceptance of an Online Platform in the Asian Region 


A German trade fair company wanted to launch a specialized online information portal for the East Asian region. Part of the business plan was to verify the hypothesis of user acceptance.

Company Profile

Company: Messe München
Industry: Services
Employees: 900+
Headquarter: Germany


Relevant public institutions and contacts were identified in the target countries, including India and China. Interest in the planned online information portal was verified through personal interviews on site. Based on the results, the client received recommendations for the design of the service. While there was interest in India, the situation in China was quite different. Due to the strict regulation of Internet access, the service was not available to representatives of Chinese public institutions.


  • Since the main market for the information platform was not accessible, the company decided to discontinue this business model and invest in other areas.


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Illustration Sources: DALL-E 3