Outsourcing Market Potential 


A successful international provider of outsourcing services wanted to determine the market potential for its services in the German market. This was to serve as the basis for an intensive market entry in Germany.

Company Profile

Company: confidential
Industry: Outsourcing
Employees: 200+
Headquarter: Africa


ACRASIO used desk research, expert interviews and market modeling to determine the industry-specific market potential in Germany.
Questions included

  • What services do competitors already offer?
  • Which services are demanded by potential customers?
  • What is the price level?

Based on this, a pre-selection of segments (shortlisting) was made and the final recommendation was to start with a promising market segment.


  • Based on the results of the market potential analysis, the outsourcing company prioritized the market development and go-to-market approach. When entering the market, it focused on the proposed customer segment or relevant industry.


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