Customer Satisfaction Analysis in 9 Countries 


A large Swiss company wanted to know from its customers how satisfied they were with the company in general and with specific service features, and also wanted to analyze whether there were regional differences in the responses.

Company Profile

Company: Firmenich
Industry: Flavor and Fragrances
Employees: 10,000
Headquarter: Switzerland 


For this project, Acrasio conducted a worldwide customer satisfaction survey. To lower the inhibition threshold for answering the questionnaire, an interactive online questionnaire was created in 9 language mutations. This ensured that every customer could answer the questionnaire in his or her native language. Korean, Japanese and Chinese. This activity, combined with consistent follow-up through reminder emails, resulted in a very high response rate from customers in all countries.


  • The client was pleasantly surprised by the high response rate and was able to use the analysis of the responses to derive specific measures for each country to improve customer satisfaction.


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