Competitive Analysis of Chinese competitors 


A German automotive supplier was facing increasing competition from a previously little-known Chinese competitor in its traditional customer base. The company had insufficient information about the emerging Chinese player. In order to position itself appropriately against this competitor, it needed information on production capacity, machinery used, sales strength, etc.

Company Profile

Company: confidential
Industry: Automotive Supplier
Employees: 25,000+
Headquarter: Germany


ACRASIO conducted extensive market research and worked closely with the Chinese research partner to conduct expert interviews on site in China. We gathered comprehensive information about the Chinese competitor's production processes, the machines they use and their sales strategies. The results of this in-depth analysis were further analyzed by us and led to insights into the competitor's production capacities and sales activities.


  • With the knowledge and benchmarks gained, the German automotive supplier was able to build its defense strategy and adapt its own offering. It was now able to position itself specifically against the Chinese competitor in order to secure its market position in the future.


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Illustration Sources: DALL-E 3