Competition Monitoring for the German Consulting Market 


On the one hand, the German market for management consulting is very heterogeneous and fragmented; on the other hand, the large tax and auditing firms have acquired a large number of medium-sized players. As a result, the competitive landscape has changed dramatically. A successful international consulting firm wanted to know which topics were in vogue in the German consulting market so that it could present its own areas of expertise in an eye-catching way.

Company Profile

Company: confidential
Industry: Services
Employees: 1.000+
Headquarter: Germany


ACRASIO established a continuous competitive monitoring for the German consulting market with a focus on the top 20 consulting firms. Specific KPIs were defined and monitored.

Questions included

  • Which consultancies are perceived in the market with which topics and how or how intensively do they communicate them?
  • Who is focusing on digitalization, who on lean management, who on restructuring?
  • Which topics are being pushed by which players?
  • What events and publications are being used?
  • Is there a personal branding strategy or a corporate branding strategy?


  • The results were presented in regular reports to the client, giving them greater insight and benchmarking of their own communications activities.


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