Market potential

Are you ready to expand your business into new markets, but not sure where the greatest potential lies? Our market potential analyses provide you with the information you need to successfully enter new markets.

Market Potential Analysis Approach

Our experienced consultants examine the market to determine the potential for your business and minimize risks. We examine the competitive landscape, customer needs, and market trends to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the market.

We cover the following topics and issues:

What is the market potential for your (new) product?

The potential in the defined (catchment) area or country is determined.

What market share can we expect?

Your market share is derived from the market size and the competition.

Who are your potential clients?

Especially in the B2B area, the research identifies the first potential buyers.

What is the market potential?

The market potential for you is determined from all the information.

Are the target groups interested?

The potential target group(s) are asked about their interest.

What substitutes are available?

Examine the market for alternative products and services.

Are there partners and supporters in the market?

Identify potential partners to help you enter the market.

What is the competitive situation?

The competitive situation and key players are analyzed for you.

Market Potential Analysis Methods

We use a variety of methods to gather and analyze relevant information. In addition to extensive research in publicly available databases and websites, we conduct interviews with market participants (customers, suppliers, competitors, etc.) and experts. 

Analysis of local and international market potential

Acrasio is your partner for local and international market potential analysis. Find more information by country and industry.


Our analyses will give you a clear idea of which markets are best suited for your company and what steps need to be taken to successfully enter these markets. Do not hesitate to contact us today. We can help you successfully implement your growth strategies.

We would be happy to share our decades of experience with market potential and market analysis in a no-obligation personal meeting. Simply make an appointment.