Change Management


Lesson 1 Module 1

Welcome! This first lesson introduces you to the structure of the course and the different media that will be supporting you through your learning journey. 

Your e-book contains all methods presented in the course as well as the exercises. Use it as a workbook!

We also provide a case study that you can use for the exercises. But ideally you would use an actual or previous transformation initiative as this will speed up the learning.

Our Cheat Sheet is the tool to use if you want to remain attentive: throughout the course we will provide you with information that you can use to fill out the Cheat Sheet. By the end, the Cheat Sheet should be full.
P.S. only print the first page, don't print the solution page before having finalized the course.

The Change Leader Quiz is only required for the Change Leadership lesson. But you might want to already have a peek at it!