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And the winner is….

A friend of mine posted the following: Germany has the heaviest and the tallest team. Miroslav Klose played most European and World Championship games and Mesut Özil has the best tackling quota. His conclusion was that Germany had to win the Euro 2012. As much as I liked his statement, this is just wishful thinking. […]

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The Formula for Success

On day number 3 of the European championship the key question is still: who is going to win? Statistics and different figures are being shuffeled around to guess who is going to make it to the final. As in business, we are all looking for the magic formula that is going to make us successful. […]

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Business Lessons Learned from the Bayern Munich Debacle

A few days after the Champions League finale Munich is still struggling to cope with the hard reality they are facing: 2012 and for the second time (after 2010) the Bavarian team has failed, and this in spite of having some of the world´s best players, to win one title, Saturday’s game just being the […]

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The End of Change Management

Classically Change Management is perceived as the art of helping employees to accept and embrace (strategic) changes to their business environment. HR and Communication were the usual owners of any transformation project, but looking back at the last few years I guess that not only should the scope be widened to enclose managers and leaders […]

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Standardization Across Cultures

Karin Stumpf held a keynote at the International Change Management Conference in Madrid. The topic of her speech was standardization across cultures. Download the pdf of the Webinar  

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