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Got Gamification?

An introduction to business games for rookies, a review for the rest of us. If you’ve been keeping up with all of the latest change management training trends you are probably no rookie to the term “gamification.” But if you are still wondering about this concept, or have just started looking into it, the best […]

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Change Management Lesson #1: Don’t Tell Them What to Do

I would like to start the New Year with a series around the dos and don’ts of Change Management. Today I start with a Don’t. As a little girl I lived in Paris in the 7ème arrondissement, close to the Eifel Tower. After school and during weekends I would play in the Jardin des Tuileries […]

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Mid-Year Resolutions – Changing Your Life Step-by-Step

I’m sitting in my kitchen overlooking a beautiful lake in the south of Berlin. The business year has not yet fully started. This is definitely the ideal time to start thinking about the year ahead of me. At least this is what most people do these days: setting new priorities, rethinking their values and trying […]

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The Market at a Glimpse

It is always amazing how companies manage their business driving “blind”. Besides decisions based on gut-feeling, we often see a well-established market and competitive reporting within a company, use information which may no longer reflect current market conditions. The time gap between information retrieval and communication of information is sometimes enormous. Finally, we perceive a […]

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Getting Rid of Performance Reviews

After 30 years I have decided to have another go at improving my piano skills. I practice every day, I take lessons once a week, and still I’m nowhere as good as Horowitz or Lang-Lang. To be honest I’m a medium skilled player. But I love the direct feedback I get when playing. I can […]

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