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Learning about change the fun way

Andrea laughs and tells her colleagues “Hey, change can be fun,”. She works for a well known German company and has just successfully completed the MOVE! board game. Together with colleagues from other departments, she has just learned that change can be inspiring and can motivate people to work together.Employees are actively involved”A colleague has […]

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Change Management Training ACRASIO

Change Management Training in Poland

As part of our change management training for a leading logistics company, it was once again Poland’s turn. In the meantime, we have been able to carry out the change training for this company in 4 countries in Europe.After two days of intensive knowledge transfer about change management theories and the description of numerous practical […]

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Acrasio Leading Business Change Model

Leading Business Change – An interview with Dr Karin Stumpf

Dr. Karin Stumpf speaks to Ibi Thomson about the major pitfalls and critical success factors for organisations undergoing major transformation. You recently published “Leading Business Change – A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Organisation”. What prompted you to do this? I have spent my last 20 years working with executives around the world. What still […]

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Change Management Lesson #3: Help Them Develop Their Strengths

Have you ever watched young art students in a museum copying the famous pictures? They all desperately try to mimic the paintings of artists on the museum’s wall, but their new drawings always have their own very unique touches. And while some forgers have become very famous and rich for delivering one to one copies […]

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Acrasio Business Football

Got Gamification? Part 3

Keeping it old school vs. going with the new age games With all of the advancement in technology it is easy to get swept up by the digital world, even when it comes to business games. Some companies have opted to train employees through online game modules and the like, while others are either still […]

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