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Got Gamification? Part 3

Keeping it old school vs. going with the new age games With all of the advancement in technology it is easy to get swept up by the digital world, even when it comes to business games. Some companies have opted to train employees through online game modules and the like, while others are either still […]

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Book Business Football launched

The book Business Football was written with business people and football fans in mind, many of whom are always on the “go.” Therefore stories and lessons are expressed not only in a simple, fast and fun readable format, but strategies, procedures and advice is given for immediate use and easy relevance. Business Football will be […]

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The Wisdom of Silo’s

In this article I’d like to explore the benefits of silo thinking and silo management. For too many years we have been labeling organizations and groups of people as silo’s. And then we find ourselves fighting that which we have labeled as such in the first place. Here’s a reality check: How successful have we […]

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Change Management Lesson #2: Don’t Give Up Too Early

Last weekend I finished my first half-marathon in Berlin. The first 7 km were just great fun. I ran through the Brandenburg Gate while the sun was shining and bands were playing rhythmic music. I then wondered why I hadn’t done this before. But around halftime, I recalled why: my feet started aching. To be […]

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Got Gamification? Part 2

Rewards, not for the faint of heart When organizations look into gamification, they probably do so because they are thinking about implementing some sort of long-term change in their companies.  What most of them do not know is that around 80% of designed business games will fail to meet desired objectives due to poor objective […]

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