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Change Management Lesson #3: Help Them Develop Their Strengths

Have you ever watched young art students in a museum copying the famous pictures? They all desperately try to mimic the paintings of artists on the museum’s wall, but their new drawings always have their own very unique touches. And while some forgers have become very famous and rich for delivering one to one copies […]

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The end of complacency

What a world cup start! The first team to be eliminated from the tournament is the reigning World Cup winner, Spain. The average number of goals per game achieved in normal time is higher than in 2010 (3 compared to 2,26). And we can watch beautiful and very offensive football games. A delightful and promising […]

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Acrasio Business Football

Got Gamification? Part 3

Keeping it old school vs. going with the new age games With all of the advancement in technology it is easy to get swept up by the digital world, even when it comes to business games. Some companies have opted to train employees through online game modules and the like, while others are either still […]

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Book Business Football launched

The book Business Football was written with business people and football fans in mind, many of whom are always on the “go.” Therefore stories and lessons are expressed not only in a simple, fast and fun readable format, but strategies, procedures and advice is given for immediate use and easy relevance. Business Football will be […]

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The Wisdom of Silo’s

In this article I’d like to explore the benefits of silo thinking and silo management. For too many years we have been labeling organizations and groups of people as silo’s. And then we find ourselves fighting that which we have labeled as such in the first place. Here’s a reality check: How successful have we […]

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