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8 Rules to Lead Teams Through the Corona Crisis

Today, leaders need to guide their team through the crisis not only professionally, but also virtually, because working out of the home office has become a necessity for most. Online collaboration tools enable employees and executives to connect, work, and exchange ideas. But managing virtual teams and leading them through the crisis at a distance […]

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The world after the Corona crisis

We are in a global crisis, a crisis any living person has ever experienced before. Fortunately, humanity is known for its innovative power, resilience, and toughness. The crisis will fuel new energies, innovative ideas will emerge, necessary internal changes will be addressed. We are and will be facing major changes.After the crisis is before the […]

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Five Steps to Virtual Participation

After a rather big all-employees meeting where everyone had the opportunity to actively participate in the company’s strategy, I was asked how the same energy could be generated in a virtual environment. As the race for workplace virtualization continues, I believe this is one of the biggest challenges that companies face in today’s global business […]

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Resisting Change – Adapting Rick Maurer’s Model

Resistance is a key topic in change management. Once a client of ours said: I hired you to learn how to overcome the resistance in others. But guess what? I think that by doing this, he would have missed great opportunities. For me resistance is not per se something to be destroyed, turned around. It […]

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Successfully Scoring for Change

Sometimes change feels hard. Continuous change initiatives, high demand for agility at the cost of clarity, the business world is becoming faster and faster, leading to a lot of stress: change is a constant in our daily life. How can we help our employees and teams make the best of it? Are you ready for a […]

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