The Art of Intelligence

The Art of Intelligence book
The Intelligence process is built upon five questions
  • What do you want to know and why? Focusing on essentials
  • Where and how can we gather the relevant information? - Envisioning alternative futures 
  • How can we analyze the information? - Preparing information to answer the business request
  • Which communication format should we use? - Communicating based on decision makers needs 
  • What has been decided and why? - Deciding based on Intelligence

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Larry Kahaner

“The "Art of Intelligence" hits all the marks. It explains in accessible detail the steps involved in competitive intelligence, its promises and pitfalls, and the all-important return on investment. This book works for those just starting out and those already practicing CI techniques. If your competitors read this book, you should be concerned.”

Larry Kahaner,
author of the bestselling "Competitive Intelligence"

In the Book, You Will Discover:






About the Author: Johannes Deltl

Johannes Deltl is co-founder of Acrasio, a boutique Consulting Company that provides Intelligence and Change services to large corporations. He is a thought leader on the subject of Corporate Intelligence. Deltl has spent more than twenty years advising (senior) executives from various industries in more than twenty countries, including the emerging markets. 

What People Are Saying

Christian Mezger

“Intelligence is one of the most impactful differentiators for any successful company. 'The Art of Intelligence' provides an easy-to-follow approach to Intelligence;- it bridges elegantly from the strategic importance to the practical application of Intelligence in your company. This book keeps you thinking.”

Christian Mezger,

Rainer Michaeli

“Deltl’s book is highly recommended for newcomers to the field of Competitive Intelligence as well as for the seasoned practitioners. It provides a focused overview of the main tools and techniques. Case studies and literature listings are state-of-the-art and help the reader to build up know-how in an otherwise clandestine discipline. A well structured, easy reading!"

Rainer Michaeli,
Institute for Competitive Intelligence


“In his recent book the Art of Intelligence, Johannes talks about the WHY and the HOW companies that want to win in an ever faster changing environment need to focus on managing intelligence in order to anticipate competitors´moves or even design the future. The book is very well structured and interesting cases help the reader understand how the theory can be implemented into real business life.”

Stephan Czypionka,
Marketing Director, Coca Cola Argentina

Douglas Bernhardt

“This latest edition of The Art of Intelligence serves as a welcome, much needed, and up-to-date work on the subject of competitive intelligence. It is refreshingly clear, comprehensive and well organised. I especially value its focus on competitive intelligence as an essential support function in business strategy, and will be specifying it to my MBA and executive education students as a required text!"

Prof. Douglas Bernhardt,
Wits Business School, University of Stellenbosch, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Mercy-hurst University


“Johannes Deltl´s book The Art of Intelligence goes beyond the Intelligence Cycle. Case examples from 40 companies illustrate how theory can be implemented in practice, with an eye on success stories and pitfalls. Clearly written by an Intelligence practitioner, the book is suitable for managers and academics alike.”

Stoyan Kenderov,
Head of mobile and social, Intuit


“The book is the synthesis of strategic view with a sense of detail and analytical capabilities. It is written in a very clear structure and has compelling arguments - including case studies- why companies should have Strategic Intelligence processes and how to start those. Hence, the book is a must for people in the profession or those who are asked to become Intelligence Professionals."

Daniel Berhin,
Senior Manager, McKinsey & Company

Andrew Beurschgens

“'The Art of Intelligence' from Johannes pulls together a 30,000 foot compendium of the why, what, how and what now of market intelligence for those starting out. It represents an authority on leveraging IT as well as outsourcing and lays crumbs to source additional reading from other leading authorities. Johannes brings to life each of the steps in the intelligence process by using examples from leading companies from a variety of dynamic industries as well as entire chapter dedicated to how they have positioned intelligence to survive in the most turbulent of industries. Thank you Johannes for the 'Art of Intelligence'.”

Andrew Beurschgens,
Head Market Intelligence, Market & Customer Insight, Everything Everywhere


“The first step to successful adaptation is recognising the need to adapt. For this we need what Johannes Deltl describes as Intelligence – knowledge about what is happening and what has happened. We need to know how patterns of events, trends of human behaviour are affecting what we do. The second step to successful adaptation is understanding the adaptation required. For this we also need Intelligence – knowledge about alternatives available, limitations, options, possibilities – so that we can take the third step, adapting as necessary,– when will again need Intelligence to know how well our efforts are working and learn to shape a better future…"

Max Mckeown,
Author of The Strategy Book & Adaptability,

Jutta Wiedenfeldt

“The Art of Intelligence gives useful, practical ideas who should invest why into Intelligence and provides a comprehensive overview how Intelligence could be introduced into an organization. A very useful source for anyone planning to invest into this topic.”

Jutta Wiedenfeld,
Head of Market Intelligence, Fujitsu Technology Solutions


Read The Art of Intelligence now & learn why companies need Intelligence to stay ahead in a changing world.

Why Wait? Get the book now (from Amazon):

Practice Intelligence as an Art

Competitive pressure is increasing year by year. Nonetheless many decision-makers make decisions or take actions based not on Intelligence but from “gut feeling”. If it works out well it´s fine, if not they need to look for another job (if they can´t find someone to blame for their own mistakes). If Intelligence is that important, why aren’t companies doing it better and focusing more on it? A totally valid question and the driving force for Johannes Deltl to write this book.

The Intelligence framework  described in this book consists of three components:

  • The Intelligence Process
  • The Intelligence Foundation/Pentagon
  • A Five-Rule Set

Johannes Deltl believes companies can do it better, and knows exactly how. After more than 20 years of helping companies around the globe, Deltl has discovered that while each successful organization is different, the architecture they apply to build successful Intelligence is the same. He offers tools and practices that have been proven effective by sucessfull businesses in various countries, showcasing case studies on Johnson Controls, Deutsche Telekom, Metro, Lanxess, Star Alliance, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and using over 40 companies as examples. Intelligence is the lifeblood of business and any corporation.

The Art of Intelligence – Why companies need Intelligence to stay ahead in a changing world
by Johannes Deltl
232 pages, 1st edition, launch date: 24.4. 2013


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