Supporting local projects – Orange Social Venture Prize 2018

The French telecommunications company Orange regularly hosts the Orange Social Venture Prize. The competition aims to reward the best innovative and socially responsible corporate project in Africa and the Middle East. Dr. Karin Stumpf, Managing Director of ACRASIO, is again represented in the jury this year to select the best projects.

Eleven different projects are available. The variety is great. All have the desire  in common to strengthen Africa with the help of modern communication technology. The projects would first be selected at the local level from hundreds of applications. Together with the rest of the jury, the best companies will be selected based on innovation, finance and sustainability.

Jury of the Orange Social Venture Prize

Part of the Jury of the Orange Social Venture Prize


The winners of the Orange Social Venture Prize 2017 are finally announced!

The winners  are:

Manzer Partazer (Madagascar), 1st prize (25,000€)
The objective of the Malagasy startup is to reduce food waste by sharing excess food from restaurants, hotels or supermarkets with partner organisations such as orphanages and disadvantaged populations. A collaborative platform will allow direct communication between different stakeholders.

City Taps (Niger), 2nd prize (15,000€)
This venture bridges the gap between water services and the most disadvantaged citizens: a pre-payment service which includes a smart water meter and billing software. The beneficiaries use their mobile to prepay for running water with any mobile phone, at any time, for any amount, which improves their household budget. (Tunisia), 3rd prize (10,000€)
This website is based on the freight exchange principle. It links up senders, whether private individuals or companies, with transport and transit professionals in Tunisia. The senders publish adverts describing their needs and receive free quotations from carriers, movers, international transport companies and customs forwarding agents.

Le Génie Edu (Cameroon), Special Orange Content Prize (5,000€)
This e-learning platform aims to help students having problems by providing online video courses. The startup wants every student, including those in remote areas, to have access to high-quality courses at a very low cost, anytime and anywhere.

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