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Successfully Scoring for Change

Sometimes change feels hard. Continuous change initiatives, high demand for agility at the cost of clarity, the business world is becoming faster and faster, leading to a lot of stress: change is a constant in our daily life. How can we help our employees and teams make the best of it? 

Are you ready for a football game?

When it comes to winning a football match, much of the success depends on how well the team can work together, how well the team reacts when encountering new and unexpected situations. A positive, forward-thinking mindset is key here. With this principle in mind, we have developed “Business Football” with the analogy to emphasize the importance of individuals proactively working for the successful addressing of the challenges related to change.

A special tool for special events

Recently we had a workshop in London with one of our global clients. What a fun and collaborative event we had! Everyone was engaged and really showed a great positive mindset. We together with the participants enjoyed our interactive discussing different situations of resistance encountered during change initiatives. After playing Business Football, players had a better understanding of their responsibility within change and how their actions can impact the business environment.

Learn from the football experience 

The participants are challenged throughout this business game with business transformation actions and are asked to develop new ideas on how to deal with the agile, complex and constantly changing business world. Business Football forces participants to analyze their resistance patterns and helps them identify alternative behaviors. In addition, this is a great opportunity to reflect on individual resistance and its impact on the work environment.

Becoming a true Change Champion! 

We believe that positive, engaged employees are key to making any change initiative successful. With our business game “Business Football” we have created a fun and engaging game to trigger good discussion about the positive and open mindset that organizational transformations require, ideal for smaller or larger team events.

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