June 30

Maturity versus Impetuosity


The youngest versus the oldest team: the game Germany against Italy definitely was a game full of extremes and surprises. In the Germany the outcome shocked many. The supposedly old and tired Italians would have the young kickers run and run, but to no positive avail. Yes, we can still say: experience and maturity are still valuable in football as well as in business.

The European community is getting older and older. In the south young students fail to get their first feet into business life and unemployment is soaring between the 20-26years old. Research has also shown that managers only get the required maturity at the age of 40. So is this outcome sending the right message to the older generation?

Partly. Let’s go back to the Euro2012: it was interesting to hear that during training “old” Pirlo would run ahead of the pack while the two forwards, Balotelli and Cassano would come last. On the other hand the young Manchester City player was the one who scored both goals during the semifinal game with the cold-bloodedness required. It seems that the question old versus young is not that simple to answer.

Some companies have understood that young people bring immense value. As an example Intuit, an application provider, has made young employees social media tutors for the more mature group of employees, less prone to use twitter and co. in their free time. Young blood is rejuvenating. And maturity brings stability. Having the right balance is the key point, and as we have seen during the Italian training, old doesn’t automatically mean out of shape and outdated!


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