Learning about change the fun way

Andrea laughs and tells her colleagues "Hey, change can be fun,". She works for a well known German company and has just successfully completed the MOVE! board game. Together with colleagues from other departments, she has just learned that change can be inspiring and can motivate people to work together.

Employees are actively involved

"A colleague has issues with the change project, what can you do?" The group listens to different options before one of the participants starts to speak. An intense discussion starts. What would be the best solution, but also how does their own reality look like? After some intense discussions the team moves on.

Along the game they go through the different phases of their own transformation. Example statements are made around their understanding of the vision, their involvement or even the teams’ motivation. And the participants slowly realize, that everyone of them can actively influence the transformation of an organization.

Motivation and active management are necessary for transformation

A card is drawn and read aloud by a fellow player. The team has to return one of the pieces they had just gained a few minutes ago. "We need enough motivation to actively move forward," one of the participants sighed.

At the end the players go back to their work place and have enjoyed a new learning experience. They also have gained a new perspective on how the change has impacted different people in their organization. With them they are bringing a little gift to share with another colleague, a “motivation stone”. A reminder, how important sharing and supporting each other is during times of change.

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